who am i ?

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My name is GINA.

I live in Tasmania …. an island south of Australia. My passion is art and poetry; I enjoy my garden, my cat and a peacock that lives in our street.  My art and poetry encompasses a wide range of techniques including photography, collage, assemblage, digital exploration, reading and writing haiku, tanka, haibun and free verse; and more recently haiga.

i have been doing art for 13 years and have won a few awards with collectors of my work in South Africa, Malta, Switzerland, NY, Canada, Illinois, Australia and Tasmania.

I began writing poetry April 2005 and since late 2006 have over 60 pieces published including a few photos!  Publications include online journals and print publications such as Kokako (NZ), LYNX, The Herons Nest, Modern English Tanka, Moonset,Paperwasp Ribbons, Ripples, Simply Haiku amongst others.

My published poetry is here

Buy art direct from the artist from my shop

FyneImages – photography and digital images available for publication.


March 2009



One response to “who am i ?

  1. I dropped in from ahapoetry where I have read some of your works. I decided to know you more and so visited here. I like your works as I have loved people in the arts. It is my passion but it is unfortunate that I do not draw.
    Have a nice day and most of all may all your vision be manifested.


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