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foundart series underway – and so am I!

this is my last post for a week or so but i have the foundart series ready to go …

well about half of the 27 are ready – tomorrow i get to the airport early and will sit and number them and attach label … the label says

foundart series 2 # [to be inserted]. you have found a small piece of original art that is yours to keep – see the story at foundart2; and i added my email address.

foundart series 2009 in progress 1

see the story at the foundart series2

foundart series 2009 in progress 6

foundart series 2009 in progress 10

have a good week ! >> Gina


2 days to go … whoohooo

I travel to Bali on saturday for my daughter’s wedding … so exciting …  7 days of heat and photography, catching up with family and friends and whatever adventures await.

In 2007 when i travelled to Switzerland to spend time with my daughter and my future son-in-law I did a foundart series where i created small original collages and lost them along the way … see the series here >>>

For this trip the collages are larger, postcard size and i plan to create another foundart series2.  Keep a watch on this space. <<< for the Bali foundart series. As Always, do let me know what you think .

foundart series 2009 in progress 12

i shall begin with how the pieces began and keep up to date with losing the series and photographing in situ and hopefully i will have a few stories to tell as the series unfolds.   >>> Gina

camera club august placement

this one took third place in large prints …

it is an amalgamation of two photos taken of the top half of the building and the bottom with scooter and bike and then pulled together in photoshop (NOT stitched) …

camera club august placement

i am enjoying immensely the feedback from these monthly showings of photos … and its always gratifying to be well-placed …

this one took first place in the EDI for August – (enhanced digital image).


i have three separate photographic elements here (clouds, poppies, statue) from photos taken in my garden in Tasmania, on a walk and a small town in Umbria.

my foundart series – losing art on my travels

In 2007 I was planning to travel to Switzerland to spend time with daughter and I was going to be away for 5 weeks. Although I was planning on doing little drawings, taking lots of photos and visiting galleries I knew ‘doing art’ was out of the question but I still wanted to ‘do’ something art wise.

So I hit on the idea of a ‘foundart series’ but with me ‘losing ‘the art and the found part being someone else’s.

I spent 2 months working across older collages, reworking and layering what turned out to be ‘vessels’ (vases and bowl shapes).  I then cut the larger collages up creating small business card size artworks and worked on each one to create individual little gems
see the whole article here with pictures of progress and final pieces.


creating paintings through the eye

Tanka and photo

working on the visual aspect while the poem itself is workshopped – which do you think works best ?