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in curves and hollows

which version ..?

tell me which one you prefer and why ….

in curves & hollows

in curves & hollowsII


Strahan – the unlimited view of Ocean Beach

just gorgeous …

JUNK at seaport Launceston – part of 10 days on the island

People began to gather at dusk at the Seaport in Launceston to see a traditional Chinese junk, the Suzy Wong, drifting by, her sails set and filled with moving imagery. Films, photographs, maps, portraits and text are woven together with a soundscape wafting from her decks. Junk Theory, produced by Tasmania’s acclaimed Big hART, is an evocative representation of an iconic beachside suburb in all its ugliness and beauty.   It was an enjoyable experience of sound, light and photography …

>>> Ginaimg_6717




img_6714 img_6749 img_6747

rock and roll in the mall

Launceston … rocking today …



img_65365 img_64904



fyne images …

updating this new place …   a place for photography …and art – available for publication ...

let me know what you think … >>> Gina

summers end

Due to rain, I had to move indoors for a few hours after working in the garden a little while -Beautiful days in TAsmania at the moment with a distinct autumnal air …  squeezing everything i can out of the last of summer i went out into the garden again .. and had to grab my camera for this one …


Taking a line for a walk

These are straight out of camera, pre edit  – an evening walk … actually i went to listen to Phillip Adams speak in Launceston on Friday night – it was an effort leaving home again at 8pm after working all day but i decided at the last minute i would like to hear him.  My friends and workmates will not be surprised to hear i ‘got lost’ – i knew it was at the uni but i wandered around the wrong campus and by 8.10pm when i asked someone and found out i was at the wrong venue i walked home via the river taking photos – sans tripod, using any solid surface i could find to rest my camera on.