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new published pieces – Gean Tree Press

It is always exciting to receive news of published pieces.  The Gean Tree Press has published, in their June 2009 edition, 2 haiku, 3 tanka, 3 haiga of mine.  I have uploaded half of them to the blumoon site.  (Will upload the other half tomorrow).

Please do visit Gean Tree Press  and read all the wonderful poets featured in this, the first issue. – the link will also be up in my blogroll at my poetry site.

i am travelling to Bali in a couple of weeks and i am thinking of doing another ‘foundart series’ …. see the first one here .  And with that in mind, i have been playing these past couple of weeks …

looking forward to seeing where these end up (as art and in places) ! ….  >>> Gina


poetry … haiku … freeXpression

i use blumoon to update my published pieces and when i posted the haiku recently commended and to be  published in june, ‘old oak’ i did a freeXpression search on my site and i cant find previously pubished haiku by this publication listed… so i shall do so in the next two posts …  the dates will be a little out but so be it !

i keep scrupulous track of published pieces in hardcopy and on my computer files … the website seems to have slipped …   🙂


maybe its just a good drug you get hooked on !


Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem (a film by Tazuo Yamaguchi)



a couple of gems i captured from the movie …

william j higginson

what is haiku for ?
haiku is for sharing

maybe its just a good drug you get hooked on
a good drug you get hooked on

if you really start writing it
its kinda hard to stop it

beaten to death
for candy

Johnette Downing

am I
telling too much

Yu Chang

see it for yourself … >>> Gina

haiga – the form (art and visual)

exploring the form and enjoying tremendously … a few zooming along at present …

all poetry at .. http://blumoon13.wordpress.com/

>>> Gina

small matters

haiku seems to be experiencing a surge throughout the world … nice

its true you know

small matters do matter
and its no small matter
that small matters

currently exploring haiga – haiku with visual … and this is my first at taiga (tanka with visual) …. it is my 10th haiku/visual exploration … the tanka grew out of the image and the image grew too, being a stitched landscape …

let me know what you think …

>>> Gina

Check out my Slide Show! -HAIGA

i have just been advised of publication of my 50th poem ! three of these being Haiga, a new form i have embraced with a vengence. Allowing me to combine many loves including photography, painting, digital and words, language, poetry Haiga is haiku with visual. I have created 7 this past month – the slideshow contains the 7.

>>> GINA

meantime click here for more poetry by GINA.

PUBLICATION news – update




I am thrilled to receive news that I have had the following acceptances –

MOONSET – I am to be a featured tanka poet in the May 2008 edition of Moonset with 7 tanka, 1 haibun and 1 haiku published.

LYNX – I am to be a featured poet with 11 haiku, 2 haibun and 3 haiga !

i will update these links to the publications as soon as i locate them.


meantime click here for more poetry by GINA.