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autumn signs in to a garden

On such a glorious day as today, if you missed the recent cold spat, the signs are everywhere – Autumn is settling in …


img_7998 img_7999




camera club July 2008 placements

two more that placed in July monthly assessments …  (click category ‘camera club’ to see them all) >>> Gina

camera club – march 2008

swissblue – judges choice – 2nd

mobile phone – judges choice 3rd

peoples choice 2nd

winning photos – camera club

i am not a photographer (nor poet nor painter) .. but i take photos, paint and write … and as i continue along this creative path i love, i find i am published, a winner of prizes and art competitions and am collected by supporters of my work, around the world.   AND I LOVE WHAT I DO

Having recently joined a camera club i am finding my ‘eye’ is appreciated through the camera lens too. The fact i shoot often from the hip (literally) is interesting when considering the eye and ways of seeing ….

here, i plan to post those pics winning placement or prizes along the way …

category ‘photography’ will bring up all the photos …

switzerland … a festival (shooting from the hip) … 3rd in Judge’s vote

switzerland, zurich… peoples choice 3rd