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foundart series underway – and so am I!

this is my last post for a week or so but i have the foundart series ready to go …

well about half of the 27 are ready – tomorrow i get to the airport early and will sit and number them and attach label … the label says

foundart series 2 # [to be inserted]. you have found a small piece of original art that is yours to keep – see the story at foundart2; and i added my email address.

foundart series 2009 in progress 1

see the story at the foundart series2

foundart series 2009 in progress 6

foundart series 2009 in progress 10

have a good week ! >> Gina


2 days to go … whoohooo

I travel to Bali on saturday for my daughter’s wedding … so exciting …  7 days of heat and photography, catching up with family and friends and whatever adventures await.

In 2007 when i travelled to Switzerland to spend time with my daughter and my future son-in-law I did a foundart series where i created small original collages and lost them along the way … see the series here >>>

For this trip the collages are larger, postcard size and i plan to create another foundart series2.  Keep a watch on this space. <<< for the Bali foundart series. As Always, do let me know what you think .

foundart series 2009 in progress 12

i shall begin with how the pieces began and keep up to date with losing the series and photographing in situ and hopefully i will have a few stories to tell as the series unfolds.   >>> Gina

original art direct from the artist

i have started this site up again – my sincere thanks to all the lovely people asking me – and thank you to those who have purchased my art …  these days ‘art’ includes photographic prints and digital works … stay tuned to the site as i upload each week …   (thank you all) >>> Gina

Do send me an email or a note on the site to let me know what you think … keep in touch and stay tuned

what do you think ?

Going through some artworks .. .trying to decide what to upload to my shop site … and whether to go purely original one-of and/or digital …

musing as i look through the pile ….

2004 may     0001

896 - 2006 musings14

901 - 2006 aday0002

901 - 2006 aday0010

901 - 2006 aday0001

art .. collage … playtime !

having got together a portfolio of photos to send out to the next competition, tis time  for art again … i started throwing paint around, spray painting colour and just enjoying the freedom of the medium …

here are the initial stages to forthcoming collages …





currently steeped in the form … i go to ‘read’ the art of others … and the work of Janet Jones is where i go often … there is a beautiful sophisticated sensibility in her works that i love ….

i, on the other hand have been struggling the last few days


every now and again … something comes forth …

img_5429 ‘C’

img_5427 <<< Seeking  a title … any ideas ?

art comes unbidden – but

you do need to hunker down and do it when the time is right …. again, i must qualify that – the time is right when your mind is in the zone ..but you cant get there until everything aligns – ideas, raw materials, space and time  …   spread it all out and do it – for hours, or in this case days …

below, the process unfurls – first the papers in 1sta nd 2nd or third stages ….  then further stages which are lost in the layering of time and intent (that is lost and found) … then a little light and one or two (or three possibilities) …  (pics have been posted very quickly with rough matting to block out extraneous matter) .. final artworks when complete will be posted to the fynearts site.