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May photos – around town

fynearts0 1

on one of my daily walks

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playing – seeing – around town

around town




and home again


Taking a line for a walk

These are straight out of camera, pre edit¬† – an evening walk … actually i went to listen to Phillip Adams speak in Launceston on Friday night – it was an effort leaving home again at 8pm after working all day but i decided at the last minute i would like to hear him.¬† My friends and workmates will not be surprised to hear i ‘got lost’ – i knew it was at the uni but i wandered around the wrong campus and by 8.10pm when i asked someone and found out i was at the wrong venue i walked home via the river taking photos – sans tripod, using any solid surface i could find to rest my camera on.

launceston princes square – photography

exploring princes square …