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new published pieces – Gean Tree Press

It is always exciting to receive news of published pieces.  The Gean Tree Press has published, in their June 2009 edition, 2 haiku, 3 tanka, 3 haiga of mine.  I have uploaded half of them to the blumoon site.  (Will upload the other half tomorrow).

Please do visit Gean Tree Press  and read all the wonderful poets featured in this, the first issue. – the link will also be up in my blogroll at my poetry site.

i am travelling to Bali in a couple of weeks and i am thinking of doing another ‘foundart series’ …. see the first one here .  And with that in mind, i have been playing these past couple of weeks …

looking forward to seeing where these end up (as art and in places) ! ….  >>> Gina


poetry … haiku … freeXpression

i use blumoon to update my published pieces and when i posted the haiku recently commended and to be  published in june, ‘old oak’ i did a freeXpression search on my site and i cant find previously pubished haiku by this publication listed… so i shall do so in the next two posts …  the dates will be a little out but so be it !

i keep scrupulous track of published pieces in hardcopy and on my computer files … the website seems to have slipped …   🙂


etching press … poetry and what now ?

well … a sad happy day … i sold my etching press … i had been hemming and hawing for a year now and finally 3 months ago i put out a lot of flyers advertising the press, at a healthy but well-situated price (it was worth its weight thats for sure and better priced than many shop bought equipment).  This press was handmade, designed by an artist and very well engineered – it is a beautiful structure that i was loathe to sell.  I figured, if i got what i asked for, it was meant to be .. and so it all came to pass …

Thing is tis wonderful to pass it on to another and NO ONE without passion is going to buy a press !  … I figure that even if I get to doing nothing at all but art, starting tomorrow, the press is still not going to get a really good look in because my work has gone off in all kinds of other directions that i am very excited about …

so, roll on winter …  lets see what it brings (artwise).

in trying to choose just one picture that gives you a bit of the etching press i still settled on one that, well, is not an etching …

(drypoint and then drypoint/mixed media) … 🙂




and this week i received advice of poems (haiku and tanka) and a photographic artwork accepted for publication.  Updated at blumoon – do visit and tell me what you think.

hope your world is turning for you also …   >>> Gina

new published pieces of poetry

Word has come of new poetry published which i have updated at blumoon …   blumoon is the site where i list my poetry – but only the pieces that are accepted for publication …

haiga19-cycling Published Haigaonline March 2009

I started writing poetry late 2005 during a tumultuous time in my life where the pressures of divorce, real estate, lawyers, bank managers caused a block in doing any art, painting or collage, drawing for about 2 years.  I found that poetry filled the creative hole that must always be topped up or i go into withdrawal symptoms and after a year or so of finding my way around form, I found i was able to write poetry.

3-sunrise-haiga published LYNX May 2008

These days life is much more settled and i now crossover the various forms of expression bringing them together, sometimes in collage, painting, drawing, poetry and writing articles and most recently photography.

Do visit blumoon and let me know what you think.

>>> Gina

autumn (haiga-1) Published LYNX May 2008

THIS was my first haiga combining photography & poetry

wow to redbubble …

so as to check out the quality … i ordered a selection of my cards and the calendar from redbubble … and WOW …. thank you REDBUBBLE …   the quality is fantastic .. the cards look soooooo lovely and the calendar is fantastic !   i thought originally, what if i didnt like just one page of the calendar (and worse, more than one !) .. but gee … its looking wonderful …

i am thrilled with the products >>> Gina

PS i cant wait to produce more calendars !

poetry update and beautiful words – publications


I have updated at Blumoon the latest range of poems, haibun, haiga that have gained acceptance and published (my) summer 2008.

Ambrosia is a new publication accepting 3 of mine for issue 1 – check it out for great reading of excellent quality short form poetry.  DUE OUT 1 November 2008 with an online version !

Haibun Today for great prose poetry.

and for those who love photoshop i found this great site on tutorials. – check it out !

i picked up a couple of very cool tips – when doing this pic

Tanka and photo

working on the visual aspect while the poem itself is workshopped – which do you think works best ?