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original art direct from the artist

i have started this site up again – my sincere thanks to all the lovely people asking me – and thank you to those who have purchased my art …  these days ‘art’ includes photographic prints and digital works … stay tuned to the site as i upload each week …   (thank you all) >>> Gina

Do send me an email or a note on the site to let me know what you think … keep in touch and stay tuned


what do you think ?

Going through some artworks .. .trying to decide what to upload to my shop site … and whether to go purely original one-of and/or digital …

musing as i look through the pile ….

2004 may     0001

896 - 2006 musings14

901 - 2006 aday0002

901 - 2006 aday0010

901 - 2006 aday0001


currently steeped in the form … i go to ‘read’ the art of others … and the work of Janet Jones is where i go often … there is a beautiful sophisticated sensibility in her works that i love ….

i, on the other hand have been struggling the last few days


every now and again … something comes forth …

img_5429 ‘C’

img_5427 <<< Seeking  a title … any ideas ?

art comes unbidden – but

you do need to hunker down and do it when the time is right …. again, i must qualify that – the time is right when your mind is in the zone ..but you cant get there until everything aligns – ideas, raw materials, space and time  …   spread it all out and do it – for hours, or in this case days …

below, the process unfurls – first the papers in 1sta nd 2nd or third stages ….  then further stages which are lost in the layering of time and intent (that is lost and found) … then a little light and one or two (or three possibilities) …  (pics have been posted very quickly with rough matting to block out extraneous matter) .. final artworks when complete will be posted to the fynearts site.

wow to redbubble …

so as to check out the quality … i ordered a selection of my cards and the calendar from redbubble … and WOW …. thank you REDBUBBLE …   the quality is fantastic .. the cards look soooooo lovely and the calendar is fantastic !   i thought originally, what if i didnt like just one page of the calendar (and worse, more than one !) .. but gee … its looking wonderful …

i am thrilled with the products >>> Gina

PS i cant wait to produce more calendars !

camera club placement (october)

both pictures below placed, in october, in altered reality sections …  to see a haiga place in a camera club gives me much joy – not that this piece placed but that the club sees the value in the whole – that although the poetry is secondary when presented to a photography group, the whole was considered (and that includes the poem) …. the more viewers presented with a different artform widens the knowledge and ways of seeing…

the latest cards and art prints posted

click on the red ‘redbubble’ button to the right on my site to view all artworks for sale ..  (I am yet to think how and where to present to you the originals) … do let me know what you think >>> Gina