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rock and roll in the mall

Launceston … rocking today …



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FESTIVALE Launceston held in City Park

the weather was great for the 2009, 3 day Festivale … the calm, landscaped, 10 acre, park sited in the middle of the city transforms into a vibrant, pulsing, dynamic that evolves through childrens activities, changing live theatre¬† through to african music, tango class, rock bands and street performers that engage with individuals – all this during my attendance between 4 and 11pm on Saturday

sofa kings – blues in the mall – Launceston Festival 2008

these guys were playing in the mall on Saturday … great music … how lucky for me to be shopping in the mall (the first time in years !) and come across fabulous music and a great photo opportunity.

a precursor to the blues weekend on the 24th October … Launceston Blues and Boots Festival 2008 at the Batman Fawkner Inn.

Friday night – $15

Saturday night – $20

Sunday:  free open jam afternon at 2pm