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pictures in May – around town

grabbing a few of the 700 pics i took during May …. straight out of camera as usual while the great shots and edited ones are on the fyneimages site

fynearts 010

or you may find them pop up in a haiga some time.

fynearts 011

Unbelievable. .. that yellow rose is called ‘freesia’ – a beautiful clear yellow with a most gorgeous scent …  this picture is  shot from the hip on my afternoon walk.  But freesia is blooming in my garden too !  Remember it is winter down our way.

fynearts 012

i love the lines and shadows highlighted by that wonderful red.  Its a painting in waiting.

fynearts 007

fynearts 008

okay … dont get too weirded out … i have a wonderful collection of bones (birds, rats, the occasional skull of a farm animal) …  when i find a dead animal in my garden i place on a particular rock – and leave it there for as long as it takes (many weeks) and the ants, rain and other busy dealers of nature clean up the bones nicely.

I then drop whats left into bleach which cleans it completely and whitens the bones.  They are stored according to size and in this case the animal – this is a bunch (bundle? slew ?) of snake bones …

so beautiful.  I use them in assemblages and hope to show you one day when I get them up onto the net.

stay tuned – i have been painting the last few weeks and have an idea in progress … >>> Gina


Strahan – the unlimited view of Ocean Beach

just gorgeous …

art in the mall as part of 10 Days on the Island

In the whimsical Baby, where are the fine things you promised me? New Zealand artist, Stephen Bain, invites you to reflect on the lost Utopia of the quarter-acre block. Based on one of New Zealand’s earliest working-class house designs, Baby, where…? falls somewhere between art installation and street performance. The tiny house changes location every day, Glenorchy Mall one day, Penguin beachfront the next. Curious passers-by are amazed to discover that the house is occupied, ship-in-bottle style, by a man who plays music, cooks or shares a cup of tea and a natter with them.

read more about this art installation here.

after the rock and roll group in the mall i turned my interest to Stephen Bain’s installation – here he is being interviewed by the local newspaper.



watch out for the next lot of pics to go up -i  attended the river performance of JUNK last night and got some fabulous photos but i have to go through them to see which i can upload today (sometime).

Meantime i am off to the local gallery to quickly catch an origami exhibition as its on its last day – also as part of Ten Days on the Island.

so much to enjoy, so little time …   I hope you are enjoying your weekend. >>> Gina

rock and roll in the mall

Launceston … rocking today …



img_65365 img_64904



Devonport – the TASTE festival

After Festivale it was so interesting to attend the TASTE and compare notes but after a while i let go of comparison and enjoyed the TASTE for what it was … great weather, fabulous food and wine and great company … PLUS photography …   another great day in paradise …

FESTIVALE Launceston held in City Park

the weather was great for the 2009, 3 day Festivale … the calm, landscaped, 10 acre, park sited in the middle of the city transforms into a vibrant, pulsing, dynamic that evolves through childrens activities, changing live theatre  through to african music, tango class, rock bands and street performers that engage with individuals – all this during my attendance between 4 and 11pm on Saturday

trawling for the best sites

I was cleaning out the spam comments that wordpress catch on your behalf (an excellent service!) and came across this one that turns out not to be spam – a nice surprise.

photography digest find what they call ‘the best content on the web’ ….  their words are:

“Here at the Digest we don’t write the blogs, we just provide a short snippet of the best content from around the web. If you see an item of interest, please visit the original blog. We help readers find new blogs and we help bloggers expand their audience.”

and there i found my piece(s) on Launceston, Princes Square !

A few photos i took exploring this site that is a part of the town i live in.

>>> Gina

11 October 2008