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new published pieces – Gean Tree Press

It is always exciting to receive news of published pieces.  The Gean Tree Press has published, in their June 2009 edition, 2 haiku, 3 tanka, 3 haiga of mine.  I have uploaded half of them to the blumoon site.  (Will upload the other half tomorrow).

Please do visit Gean Tree Press  and read all the wonderful poets featured in this, the first issue. – the link will also be up in my blogroll at my poetry site.

i am travelling to Bali in a couple of weeks and i am thinking of doing another ‘foundart series’ …. see the first one here .  And with that in mind, i have been playing these past couple of weeks …

looking forward to seeing where these end up (as art and in places) ! ….  >>> Gina


original art direct from the artist

i have started this site up again – my sincere thanks to all the lovely people asking me – and thank you to those who have purchased my art …  these days ‘art’ includes photographic prints and digital works … stay tuned to the site as i upload each week …   (thank you all) >>> Gina

Do send me an email or a note on the site to let me know what you think … keep in touch and stay tuned

etching press … poetry and what now ?

well … a sad happy day … i sold my etching press … i had been hemming and hawing for a year now and finally 3 months ago i put out a lot of flyers advertising the press, at a healthy but well-situated price (it was worth its weight thats for sure and better priced than many shop bought equipment).  This press was handmade, designed by an artist and very well engineered – it is a beautiful structure that i was loathe to sell.  I figured, if i got what i asked for, it was meant to be .. and so it all came to pass …

Thing is tis wonderful to pass it on to another and NO ONE without passion is going to buy a press !  … I figure that even if I get to doing nothing at all but art, starting tomorrow, the press is still not going to get a really good look in because my work has gone off in all kinds of other directions that i am very excited about …

so, roll on winter …  lets see what it brings (artwise).

in trying to choose just one picture that gives you a bit of the etching press i still settled on one that, well, is not an etching …

(drypoint and then drypoint/mixed media) … 🙂




and this week i received advice of poems (haiku and tanka) and a photographic artwork accepted for publication.  Updated at blumoon – do visit and tell me what you think.

hope your world is turning for you also …   >>> Gina

art .. collage … playtime !

having got together a portfolio of photos to send out to the next competition, tis time  for art again … i started throwing paint around, spray painting colour and just enjoying the freedom of the medium …

here are the initial stages to forthcoming collages …




art in the mall as part of 10 Days on the Island

In the whimsical Baby, where are the fine things you promised me? New Zealand artist, Stephen Bain, invites you to reflect on the lost Utopia of the quarter-acre block. Based on one of New Zealand’s earliest working-class house designs, Baby, where…? falls somewhere between art installation and street performance. The tiny house changes location every day, Glenorchy Mall one day, Penguin beachfront the next. Curious passers-by are amazed to discover that the house is occupied, ship-in-bottle style, by a man who plays music, cooks or shares a cup of tea and a natter with them.

read more about this art installation here.

after the rock and roll group in the mall i turned my interest to Stephen Bain’s installation – here he is being interviewed by the local newspaper.



watch out for the next lot of pics to go up -i  attended the river performance of JUNK last night and got some fabulous photos but i have to go through them to see which i can upload today (sometime).

Meantime i am off to the local gallery to quickly catch an origami exhibition as its on its last day – also as part of Ten Days on the Island.

so much to enjoy, so little time …   I hope you are enjoying your weekend. >>> Gina

Invest in creativity – do it, collect it, revisit it, find it

ART is important.

Producing art, experiencing art and enjoying helps shape our cultural identity and sustains our social well being.  Artists can inspire, challenge, provoke new thoughts and ideas.  Art can give us a fresh perspective on life, the world and our place within it.

It’s been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain, that art nurtures inventiveness, aids development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation and self-motivation, art gives us the tools necessary to understand human experience, to adapt to and respect others’ ways of working and thinking, to develop creative problem-solving skills, and communicating thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways.

There are many articles to be found on the provens about art, not the least that the arts is a major contributor to the mainstream economy, yet artists face particular income and employment challenges.

Original works of art enliven your space, contribute to your sense of place, creativity and well being; show support for the artist and their work,  –

*  buy work direct from the artist ensuring those slim margins remain with the artist;

* its not about the artist being famous; its about loving the work – and if you look at enough works from different artists you soon gain a sense of what is ‘good’ art and your particular type; and look at works of art, from a range of artists, for long enough and you will find your tastes and knowledge will grow and contribute to your ways of seeing and being;

* the internet is a wonderful place to find these artists – make sure you leave a note to let them know what you thought of their work, ideas or just a hi;

*  encourage art workshops, for adults and children of all ages, in your local area;

*  be thoughtful and aware when buying, selling, collecting art or even, doing your own art

Support artists and buy their works – if the originals are too expensive look at some of the other great products the artist can sell to you such as cards, matted prints, canvas prints and books.

my favourites that i visit and am inspired by are …

Martha Marshall – an artist I ‘listen’ to online, everyday – she is an inspiration and I enjoy her wide-ranging, interesting postings very much. She acknoweldges the works and posts of others, she gives us an insight into the daily meanderings and doings of an artist and I just like her and love her works.  Do go see her original works of art for sale at Martha’s Etsy shop.

Bill Kenny … a wonderful haiku poet (a mentor in my mind) whose work I wait to read whenever he posts. Do go see his work and discover a wonderful form of poetry by a well-respected poet.

A new young artist I have only recently found whose current vision, speaks to me and whose blog is on my ‘list of watchables’.  Another young lady that supports the blogs and art of others.  I look with excitement to see where she takes her gallery.

and not least, from a photographic perspective (of which there are many) one of my favourite ‘thinking’ ones.

happy creating !


(c) 10 October 2008

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Gina’s published poetry here

maybe its just a good drug you get hooked on !


Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem (a film by Tazuo Yamaguchi)


a couple of gems i captured from the movie …

william j higginson

what is haiku for ?
haiku is for sharing

maybe its just a good drug you get hooked on
a good drug you get hooked on

if you really start writing it
its kinda hard to stop it

beaten to death
for candy

Johnette Downing

am I
telling too much

Yu Chang

see it for yourself … >>> Gina