in curves and hollows

which version ..?

tell me which one you prefer and why ….

in curves & hollows

in curves & hollowsII


7 responses to “in curves and hollows

  1. The second one because of its rich, brilliant color.

    • yes …. but i know this is because you are currently steeped in colour … i am happy you see the rich brilliance … and thank you so much for letting me know ! >>> Gina

  2. I prefer the first shot. The second seems cold and the first has lots of yellow in it – there just isn’t enough yellow in the world!

    • i hope you get this one … let me know if you do … i am not sure how the reply button here works …

      i love the golden colours too … but as i told you i love it for its darks and the yellow cannot shine without the dark …

      thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know >>> Gina

      • Owen Bullock

        No light without the dark, eh? Well that accords with what I’ve just been reading by Ursula LeGuin – headline: “Wandering poet struck by synchronicity!”

        blue bones or white?
        I think I’ll have yellow
        to take me
        into the self-deceptions
        of my old age

        I hope you don’t mind the poem, I feel like writing in response to your photographs.


  3. your daughter!

    hi mum – haven’t been to the site in a while… a bit late but i like the first one better. the first one feels mysterious while the second one feels… objective. with the first one i feel like i am in a museum, waiting for a story to be told. with the second one i feel like i am in a hospital – analysing…

    • you are NEVER late sweetheart (dont even contemplate it for a minute) …

      yes … well go figure, i like that one too .. EXACTLY so – the mystery … heheh and thanks for my evening smile – i love your description of the other one … lol … very very nice …

      :::: hugs ::: >>> MUM

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