moving my place …

hello everyone …

i have moved …. >>> Here

i have returned to blogger for adsense which makes so much sense ! ..   wordpress is a beautiful looking space and i love the stats thing but blogger is finding these add ons for everyone also and i keep trying to find the nicest looking page i can.

i hope you will visit me at Ginaseye and let me know what you think ….

>>> Gina


foundart series underway – and so am I!

this is my last post for a week or so but i have the foundart series ready to go …

well about half of the 27 are ready – tomorrow i get to the airport early and will sit and number them and attach label … the label says

foundart series 2 # [to be inserted]. you have found a small piece of original art that is yours to keep – see the story at foundart2; and i added my email address.

foundart series 2009 in progress 1

see the story at the foundart series2

foundart series 2009 in progress 6

foundart series 2009 in progress 10

have a good week ! >> Gina

2 days to go … whoohooo

I travel to Bali on saturday for my daughter’s wedding … so exciting …  7 days of heat and photography, catching up with family and friends and whatever adventures await.

In 2007 when i travelled to Switzerland to spend time with my daughter and my future son-in-law I did a foundart series where i created small original collages and lost them along the way … see the series here >>>

For this trip the collages are larger, postcard size and i plan to create another foundart series2.  Keep a watch on this space. <<< for the Bali foundart series. As Always, do let me know what you think .

foundart series 2009 in progress 12

i shall begin with how the pieces began and keep up to date with losing the series and photographing in situ and hopefully i will have a few stories to tell as the series unfolds.   >>> Gina

photography awards

i am a bit overwhelmed at the moment … a few competitions have come to fruition and i have been lucky enough to be overwhelmed with good feedback for photography entered, a couple of awards and some published pieces  …

IMAGE – the photography magazine of the Australian Photographic Society, July/August edition is featuring a page of my haiga (images with haiku) and i have an article to write for the next edition due in August.  This magazine is beautifully printed in full gloss and available at your local library.  This came about thanks to the contemporary folio that i am a part of.

Here is one of the pieces (the rest will be uploaded to blumoon)

a depleted (haiga)

this one won the SMALL PRINT Tasmanian Photographic Federation prize for 2009

its called Heritage


>>> Gina

new published pieces – Gean Tree Press

It is always exciting to receive news of published pieces.  The Gean Tree Press has published, in their June 2009 edition, 2 haiku, 3 tanka, 3 haiga of mine.  I have uploaded half of them to the blumoon site.  (Will upload the other half tomorrow).

Please do visit Gean Tree Press  and read all the wonderful poets featured in this, the first issue. – the link will also be up in my blogroll at my poetry site.

i am travelling to Bali in a couple of weeks and i am thinking of doing another ‘foundart series’ …. see the first one here .  And with that in mind, i have been playing these past couple of weeks …

looking forward to seeing where these end up (as art and in places) ! ….  >>> Gina

original art direct from the artist

i have started this site up again – my sincere thanks to all the lovely people asking me – and thank you to those who have purchased my art …  these days ‘art’ includes photographic prints and digital works … stay tuned to the site as i upload each week …   (thank you all) >>> Gina

Do send me an email or a note on the site to let me know what you think … keep in touch and stay tuned

photo challenge – from above

thinking thinking on the subject …   did a few ‘setups’ over the last couple of days …

here are one or two (while i work on a few more that i may get to upload) …

fynearts 001

DO tell me what you think … >>> Gina

fynearts 002

may photos – pray mantis

This cute fella stood his ground when i  stuck the camera not an inch from his face – i realised later when i downloaded this that he could probably see his own reflection in the lens and was behaving naturally.fynearts 003

i had the camera on continuous so i got the full movement but not all the shots had the face in focus

fynearts 004

fynearts 005

fynearts 006

May photos – around town

fynearts0 1

on one of my daily walks

fynearts0 2

fynearts0 3

pictures in May – around town

grabbing a few of the 700 pics i took during May …. straight out of camera as usual while the great shots and edited ones are on the fyneimages site

fynearts 010

or you may find them pop up in a haiga some time.

fynearts 011

Unbelievable. .. that yellow rose is called ‘freesia’ – a beautiful clear yellow with a most gorgeous scent …  this picture is  shot from the hip on my afternoon walk.  But freesia is blooming in my garden too !  Remember it is winter down our way.

fynearts 012

i love the lines and shadows highlighted by that wonderful red.  Its a painting in waiting.

fynearts 007

fynearts 008

okay … dont get too weirded out … i have a wonderful collection of bones (birds, rats, the occasional skull of a farm animal) …  when i find a dead animal in my garden i place on a particular rock – and leave it there for as long as it takes (many weeks) and the ants, rain and other busy dealers of nature clean up the bones nicely.

I then drop whats left into bleach which cleans it completely and whitens the bones.  They are stored according to size and in this case the animal – this is a bunch (bundle? slew ?) of snake bones …

so beautiful.  I use them in assemblages and hope to show you one day when I get them up onto the net.

stay tuned – i have been painting the last few weeks and have an idea in progress … >>> Gina

in curves and hollows

which version ..?

tell me which one you prefer and why ….

in curves & hollows

in curves & hollowsII

what do you think ?

Going through some artworks .. .trying to decide what to upload to my shop site … and whether to go purely original one-of and/or digital …

musing as i look through the pile ….

2004 may     0001

896 - 2006 musings14

901 - 2006 aday0002

901 - 2006 aday0010

901 - 2006 aday0001

autumn – continuing

beautiful days here … in between working in the garden one is drawn to images, to a sense of place in time …

autumn signs in to a garden

On such a glorious day as today, if you missed the recent cold spat, the signs are everywhere – Autumn is settling in …


img_7998 img_7999



exploring a cemetery – Strahan

how lucky to find this spot while exploring the area – luckier even to have such a beautiful day within which to do so …

poetry … haiku … freeXpression

i use blumoon to update my published pieces and when i posted the haiku recently commended and to be  published in june, ‘old oak’ i did a freeXpression search on my site and i cant find previously pubished haiku by this publication listed… so i shall do so in the next two posts …  the dates will be a little out but so be it !

i keep scrupulous track of published pieces in hardcopy and on my computer files … the website seems to have slipped …   🙂


etching press … poetry and what now ?

well … a sad happy day … i sold my etching press … i had been hemming and hawing for a year now and finally 3 months ago i put out a lot of flyers advertising the press, at a healthy but well-situated price (it was worth its weight thats for sure and better priced than many shop bought equipment).  This press was handmade, designed by an artist and very well engineered – it is a beautiful structure that i was loathe to sell.  I figured, if i got what i asked for, it was meant to be .. and so it all came to pass …

Thing is tis wonderful to pass it on to another and NO ONE without passion is going to buy a press !  … I figure that even if I get to doing nothing at all but art, starting tomorrow, the press is still not going to get a really good look in because my work has gone off in all kinds of other directions that i am very excited about …

so, roll on winter …  lets see what it brings (artwise).

in trying to choose just one picture that gives you a bit of the etching press i still settled on one that, well, is not an etching …

(drypoint and then drypoint/mixed media) … 🙂




and this week i received advice of poems (haiku and tanka) and a photographic artwork accepted for publication.  Updated at blumoon – do visit and tell me what you think.

hope your world is turning for you also …   >>> Gina

strahan (continued) ABT railway trip (continued)

This is wilderness area at a place called Dubbil Barril … img_7357


img_7305 img_7309

art .. collage … playtime !

having got together a portfolio of photos to send out to the next competition, tis time  for art again … i started throwing paint around, spray painting colour and just enjoying the freedom of the medium …

here are the initial stages to forthcoming collages …




strahan (continued) and the ABT railway trip

clouds in my eyes – and other abstract concepts


no rain during my trip to Strahan … but beautiful cloudy days and nights affording great reflections and light for photography


just gorgeous …


in the depths of pure wilderness  – in the dubill barril area (true) … part of the abt railway trip …


on the train … ABT railway trip …


still on the ABT railway trip (believe it or not) …



Strahan – 699 photos over 3 days

these are of Swan Bay and Macquarie Harbour …  feet planted firmly in Paradise one could see Hells Gates

img_6991 img_7010




Strahan – the unlimited view of Ocean Beach

just gorgeous …

on the road to Strahan – Tasmania

Setting out pre Easter to avoid the deluge of vehicles coming out of a working week i got some great photos and a wonderful break exploring a place i have not been to before …
These pics are from day 1 – more posts to follow and as usual, these are pre editing, straight out of the camera – look out for the best of the best at this site …  and this one


first stop – Raspberry Farm at Elizabeth Town for cappucinno and damper and then on to Waratah on the road to Strahan – my destination




rainy foggy day made for great moody landscape shots – Waratah, on the road to Strahan


and the threat of rain remained the whole day – arriving at Strahan – naturally you head for the boats ..



img_6945 img_6939

the rain came and went in between walking and photo shoots …  and then the next two days in STrahan were sublime – beautiful days, warm blue skies bringing clouds in and out throughout the days … just gorgeous … look out for the next postings  …


JUNK at seaport Launceston – part of 10 days on the island

People began to gather at dusk at the Seaport in Launceston to see a traditional Chinese junk, the Suzy Wong, drifting by, her sails set and filled with moving imagery. Films, photographs, maps, portraits and text are woven together with a soundscape wafting from her decks. Junk Theory, produced by Tasmania’s acclaimed Big hART, is an evocative representation of an iconic beachside suburb in all its ugliness and beauty.   It was an enjoyable experience of sound, light and photography …

>>> Ginaimg_6717




img_6714 img_6749 img_6747

art in the mall as part of 10 Days on the Island

In the whimsical Baby, where are the fine things you promised me? New Zealand artist, Stephen Bain, invites you to reflect on the lost Utopia of the quarter-acre block. Based on one of New Zealand’s earliest working-class house designs, Baby, where…? falls somewhere between art installation and street performance. The tiny house changes location every day, Glenorchy Mall one day, Penguin beachfront the next. Curious passers-by are amazed to discover that the house is occupied, ship-in-bottle style, by a man who plays music, cooks or shares a cup of tea and a natter with them.

read more about this art installation here.

after the rock and roll group in the mall i turned my interest to Stephen Bain’s installation – here he is being interviewed by the local newspaper.



watch out for the next lot of pics to go up -i  attended the river performance of JUNK last night and got some fabulous photos but i have to go through them to see which i can upload today (sometime).

Meantime i am off to the local gallery to quickly catch an origami exhibition as its on its last day – also as part of Ten Days on the Island.

so much to enjoy, so little time …   I hope you are enjoying your weekend. >>> Gina

rock and roll in the mall

Launceston … rocking today …



img_65365 img_64904



fyne images …

updating this new place …   a place for photography …and art – available for publication ...

let me know what you think … >>> Gina

summers end

Due to rain, I had to move indoors for a few hours after working in the garden a little while -Beautiful days in TAsmania at the moment with a distinct autumnal air …  squeezing everything i can out of the last of summer i went out into the garden again .. and had to grab my camera for this one …


playing – seeing – around town

around town




and home again


new published pieces of poetry

Word has come of new poetry published which i have updated at blumoon …   blumoon is the site where i list my poetry – but only the pieces that are accepted for publication …

haiga19-cycling Published Haigaonline March 2009

I started writing poetry late 2005 during a tumultuous time in my life where the pressures of divorce, real estate, lawyers, bank managers caused a block in doing any art, painting or collage, drawing for about 2 years.  I found that poetry filled the creative hole that must always be topped up or i go into withdrawal symptoms and after a year or so of finding my way around form, I found i was able to write poetry.

3-sunrise-haiga published LYNX May 2008

These days life is much more settled and i now crossover the various forms of expression bringing them together, sometimes in collage, painting, drawing, poetry and writing articles and most recently photography.

Do visit blumoon and let me know what you think.

>>> Gina

autumn (haiga-1) Published LYNX May 2008

THIS was my first haiga combining photography & poetry

Taking a line for a walk

These are straight out of camera, pre edit  – an evening walk … actually i went to listen to Phillip Adams speak in Launceston on Friday night – it was an effort leaving home again at 8pm after working all day but i decided at the last minute i would like to hear him.  My friends and workmates will not be surprised to hear i ‘got lost’ – i knew it was at the uni but i wandered around the wrong campus and by 8.10pm when i asked someone and found out i was at the wrong venue i walked home via the river taking photos – sans tripod, using any solid surface i could find to rest my camera on.

Devonport – the TASTE festival

After Festivale it was so interesting to attend the TASTE and compare notes but after a while i let go of comparison and enjoyed the TASTE for what it was … great weather, fabulous food and wine and great company … PLUS photography …   another great day in paradise …


currently steeped in the form … i go to ‘read’ the art of others … and the work of Janet Jones is where i go often … there is a beautiful sophisticated sensibility in her works that i love ….

i, on the other hand have been struggling the last few days


every now and again … something comes forth …

img_5429 ‘C’

img_5427 <<< Seeking  a title … any ideas ?

art comes unbidden – but

you do need to hunker down and do it when the time is right …. again, i must qualify that – the time is right when your mind is in the zone ..but you cant get there until everything aligns – ideas, raw materials, space and time  …   spread it all out and do it – for hours, or in this case days …

below, the process unfurls – first the papers in 1sta nd 2nd or third stages ….  then further stages which are lost in the layering of time and intent (that is lost and found) … then a little light and one or two (or three possibilities) …  (pics have been posted very quickly with rough matting to block out extraneous matter) .. final artworks when complete will be posted to the fynearts site.

Camera club outing – February 2009

Just under 30 members gathered at Franklin House at 9 am and headed off into a lovely day.  It was a day filled with photography, food stops and great company.  Steppes Historic Site, located on the Lake Highway in the Central Highlands of Tasmania via Poatina, Arthurs Lake and St Patricks Plains.

We visited Waddamana Power Station Museum on this day also.

FESTIVALE Launceston held in City Park

the weather was great for the 2009, 3 day Festivale … the calm, landscaped, 10 acre, park sited in the middle of the city transforms into a vibrant, pulsing, dynamic that evolves through childrens activities, changing live theatre  through to african music, tango class, rock bands and street performers that engage with individuals – all this during my attendance between 4 and 11pm on Saturday

Binalong Bay – a weekend away

a slice of paradise …

Tamar Island bird sanctuary

a recent visit to this marvellous spot 20 minutes from where i live yielded a swag of great photos … just quickly posting a few that dont need (much) editing and look great …

its a place where you walk along a boardwalk that has been built over wetlands housing many different varieties of birds, frogs, wildlife, insects and visitors






camera club placement January

2nd in the Altered Reality Electronic Imaging.


camera club – photography award

A pleasant surprise at the end of my first year with camera club – entries to the Dorothy Mackrill Trophy award were judged by professional photographer Philip Kurivita and i was thrilled t0 receive the award.

the following 7 pictures are the body of work entered in the award.


‘my shadow’ – still life


blue poles – ‘light and shade’


paprika – ‘open’


the rubbish bin – ‘abstract’


into the centre – ‘image within 30cm’


blue eyes – ‘the face’


red and blue – ‘open’

My thanks to the Northern Tasmania Camera Club, all its members and PHilip Kurivita for the opportunity.

Do have a look at Philip’s photograhic work – beautiful pieces  from an innovative creative professional photograher.